Tom Meesseman



With a bachelor’s degree, 28 years of project management experience, and 16 years in the printing and marketing world, Tom has unique skills that allow him to supervise and control marketing projects that are completed on time with emphasis on customer satisfaction. Tom knows that the relationship with the client is the most important asset Allegra possesses.

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Tim Meesseman

Marketing Manager


Tim joined Allegra in 2010 and brings 10 years of marketing experience with a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a Master’s degree in Marketing. He serves an integral role as Allegra’s Marketing Manager and designs effective marketing campaigns for both Allegra and their clients. Tim has 21 years of web design experience and also serves as Allegra’s lead web designer.

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Channing Whitman

Sales Manager


Channing joined Allegra in 2006 and immediately became a company asset.   He has over 20 years of experience in the printing industry with a degree in commercial graphics.   Channing has assisted in the development and execution of a variety of marketing campaigns. His enthusiasm and tireless dedication to client service makes him an excellent Sales Manager.

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Rick Slack

Production Manager


An essential part of Allegra for the last 13 years, Rick is an expert at not just “getting the job out” but getting it finished with a critical eye on quality. Rick knows that the finished quality of our work is a reflection on him and Allegra. He always does whatever it takes to maintain the high standard of quality that our customers expect.


Charles Campbell

Marketing & Sales Associate


Charles joined Allegra in June 2015. He was with Allegra 15 years prior, and he is now with us again as a Marketing & Sales Associate after gaining several years of experience selling marketing services. Welcome back, Charles!

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Trevor West

Customer Service Specialist


Trevor joined Allegra October 2016. With his welcoming smile and expert ability to solve clients’ problems, he is responsible for turning your ideas into a reality so that you walk away knowing exactly what makes Allegra different.

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Mary Watson

Graphic Artist


Mary brings serious layout and design skills to the production team that are imperative to our daily operations. As the newest member of our team, Mary makes sure that client projects are transformed from an idea to a reality!